About Us

About Us

A German company - in the heart of Hamburg - IT Security is our passion.
It is therefore our top priority to achieve security in high standards - a passion that is already reflected in our history.

The Company

Kalweit ITS GmbH stands for dynamics, expertise and last but not least security in high standards.

Founded by Philipp Kalweit in 2017, Kalweit ITS GmbH protudes as a growing company - a company identifying as a multiplier for IT Security - as proven by our strong references.
Regardless of the size of your business, we offer you and your company comprehensive security-solutions.

Fully committed to sustainability, it is our personal concern to define ethical standards and to regard them as a guiding principle of our daily work - being fully certain about the importancy of our work.

Customer Voice

IT gaining complexity results in increasingly complex ways to attack systems and their weak-spots. In the course of advancing digitalisation requirements for reliable IT-solutions raise continuously. Medium-sized companies are aware of that fact. Web-based business-related applications such as our Performance-Recruitment-Marketing-solution Jobspreader, have to be available all the time protecting sensitive data round the clock.
Our partnership with Kalweit ITS Gmbh is of such great importance because we are dealing with a qualified partner understanding our requirements and needs. We feel like we are in safe keeping.
Alexander Fedossov, CEO of Wollmilchsau GmbH

The Challenge

"IT Security is a macrosocial concern and therefore a central challenge for our society."
IT Security requires an interdisciplinary approach, which is why we should jointly take responsibility and seize defensive preventive measures.

Not least because of the fact that information technology is essential for many companies in the context of business ability - as unidentified or inadequately mitigated IT risks can indirectly have a significant negative impact on the existence of the company in question and thus endanger the continued existence of the corporate entity.

The History

Leaving the present behind - expanding into the future. Kalweit ITS Consulting expanded and chose a more organised legal form - Kalweit ITS GmbH was founded.

"It all started off quite harmlessly. When I was about 12 years old I discovered the Linux world and took my first steps in Python and C. I got to know the limits of IT processes and started to identify them.
At the age of 16 I gave my first lectures on event formats such as CeBIT or re:publica.
Further commissions followed, such as the design of an impulse paper for a smart and secure digital society on behalf of the Federal Office for Information Security. The former hobby, however, has now become a basis for entrepreneurial success and so today it is no longer a hobby and passion, but also a basis for existence." - Philipp Kalweit

The Motivation

The middle class - estimated at 99.6% of all companies subject to VAT in Germany.

Especially small and medium-sized businesses have only limited resources at their disposal. In the light of this situation, the company's own IT is often lacking of adequate security precautions.

As a result, IT attacks are becoming not only more complex, but also increasingly present, approximately 80% of all companies have critical vulnerabilities with about only a quarter of all incidents detected within 24 hours. A disconcerting development.

Thus, it was from particular importance that both - our comprehensive range of services - and eleborate expertise, would be accessible for medium-sized businesses. Particularly because medium-sized companies represent a fundamental pillar of the German economy, as such their functionality has a direct and implicit influence on social and private wealth.

Due to their knowledge, many existing IT security companies are in high demand - not only on a national but also on an international level. They are rarely or only insufficiently engaged in marketing, as demand is still high, even without advertising measures. In turn, other companies offer security solutions which - due to the financial resources to be spent on SMEs - are unproportional to the need for protection. Furthermore, most of the consulting and service companies were founded between 2000 and 2006, making their business models and service offerings obsolete or not adapted to the current IT threat areas.

It was therefore a personal aim of ours to form and establish new business areas, being explicitly accessible for small and medium-sized businesses. It is not only important for us to achieve security in high standards with our customers, but also to consider economic proportionality.

And let's be honest:
There’s no such thing as absolute security.


We consider it important to achieve clear benefits in the form of empirical values from our daily work. Experience enables us to formulate our actions in such a way that they experience social benefits. Thus, we represent the opinion that the availability of the resources "time" and "money" is only temporary and limited. These resources must be used effectively and mediately - in order to be able to invest them, for example, in sustainable, effective loss relief.

Kalweit ITS GmbH volunteers as coach and mentor for the Code+Design Initiative e.V., which has set itself the goal of getting young people enthusiastic about digital technologies and professions and in particular to increase the proportion of women in these areas. The initiative contributes to the organisation of the Code+Design Camps (Hackathon for young people and job orientation) which take place nationwide.

Allow me to introduce: Our Experts
Always there for you.

A company would be nothing without its managment. It is therefore a personal concern of ours that we introduce ourselves to you.
“Never trust a running system.”
Curiosity. A very strong interest in IT Security, applied social sciences, politics and a pronounced eloquent, rethoric and flippant speech. If you combine this, a not irrelevant part of me is created. Being born in the second millenium I am still a student - at the present time I am enriched with knowledge by the irreparable grammar school construct of the state of lower saxony. I spend most of my time examining existing software in consideration of security-related aspects. If I'm currently not busy on penetration testing - I'm probably traveling through Germany and advise companies on the topic of securing critical IT infrastructures.

In the Federal Republic of Germany, I am officially considered to be the youngest corporate consultant.

I gave one of my first lectures at the age of 16 on behalf of a federal agency. Admittedly, this was not a brilliant achievement to say the least.
Philipp Kalweit
IT-Security Consultant
| Your contact person for IT- Revisions and data privacy
"Philipp Kalweit is mainly concerned with information technology systems and the question to what extent these meet safety-relevant criteria. In addition, he is currently trying to bundle his thoughts into a print medium that addresses the practical field of application of the examination of information technology systems in view of safety-relevant criteria."

"Security is an illusion!?”
At the age of 14, I discovered my passion for IT Security and gained valuable experience with bug bounties from numerous international companies including Avira, PayPal, Mozilla, Microsoft, Spotify and Deutsche Telekom. Thanks to many hours of hard work I am now a proud Bugcrowd VIP Researcher & Cobalt Core Member. Shortly after graduating from secondary school, I was hired as a security officer for a medium-sized Internet service provider and took second place in the Cyber Security Challenge Germany 2015 during my final exams. As an autodidact I am fascinated by the diversity of IT Security, which requires a constant willingness to learn. Every day I face new challenges, situations and problems, which require 150% of my efforts. All or nothing.
Robert Kugler
IT-Security Consultant
| Your contact person for IT-Revisions, lectures and trainings.
"Robert Kugler is a passionate hacker and activist. If he's not penetrating IT systems, he's committed to privacy and data protection at all levels."
"Networked automobile is a question of safety."
At the age of 17, I took the opportunity to convert a vehicle from Wastegate to a VNT turbocharger, which not only gave me an extended insight into the processes of combustion engines, but also allowed me to successfully adapt the control electronics to the new conditions. From then on, I have been involved in the reverse engineering of engine control units, the internal networking of vehicles (FlexRay, CAN, Drive-by-Wire) and the development of electronic circuits, both professionally and in my spare time. I have led, for example, a project to develop a device for the use of a two-point lambda sensor as a CAN-connected oxygen sensor, as well as the further development of a signal generator to support OBD application.
David Herbst Ayala
Automotive Cyber Security Consultant
| Your contact person for Automotive and electrical engineering
"David Herbst Ayala deals with the safety of embedded systems in the automotive environment. In addition, he is also working on the integration of a wide range of sensors via CAN and dealing with the development of vehicle-internal data communication."
Kalweit ITS GmbH offers you and your company comprehensive security solutions - providing you with no more than you really need. Irrespective of whether you want to secure or test your infrastructure, sensitize your employees or apply internal training measures.
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