Automotive Cyber Security

Automotive Cyber Security

The onward process of digitalisation does not spare the automotive industry. Due to the rising amount of ECUs in cars and the denser networking of vehicles (C2X) the risk of non authorized accesses and manipulation of security-critical systems increases drastically.
Basic information
Especially nowadays vehicles consist of a network diversely interfacing internal and external communication. In-Car entertainment systems are accessing information directly at the CAN-Bus and at the same time offer external access via interfaces such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or 4G. However, even the mandatory OBD-II-Interface constitutes an substantial attack vector. Particularly the trending so called „ECU remapping“ is exemplary for the practised manipulation of engine control modules.

Likewise, involving extended knowledge it is possible to make use of the data transmitted via the CAN-Bus to manipulate various features as well as extending the vehicle’s range of functions. The dense networking of different control units in the vehicle allows groundbreaking features such as autonomous driving, adaptive cruise control or even improved navigation systems.

As a matter of fact, manipulated control units pose a clear and present threat to drivers, local car service stations, external suppliers and automobile manufacturers themselvs.

Whether it is a change in the mileage, a potential increase in performance or even the manipulation of data in the CAN-Bus - these days anything can be done following simple steps by almost anyone.

By that very fact we are facing cost-intensive cases of warranty fraud or perhaps dangerous failures in road traffic, which from our perspective have
to be avoided. Owing to our extensive expertise in the fields of ECU remapping, the CAN-Bus Interface along with the reverse engineering of engine control units, we provide your company with an insight of the (in-)securities of automotive systems.

Your security is our passion. 
We test your product for potential vulnerabilities and devise possible solutions in strict collaboration reaching from approaches base on sheer software to the development of hardware-assisted measures.
Kalweit ITS GmbH offers you and your company - as part of our consultancy - comprehensive security-solutions. For this purpose our main objective is and shall remain profound and forthcoming cooperation with our customers. Therefore our range of services is adaptable to your requirements in order to guarantee high standard security, which still provides you with no more than you really need.
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