Cyber Defense Service

Always there for - when it matters.

Cyber Defense Service

Medium-sized businesses in particular (estimated at 99.6% of all companies subject to VAT in Germany) have a lot to catch up with in regards of IT security. It is even more serious if they are economically dependent on the availability of their IT infrastructure.

Use our Cyber Defense Service for continuous protection (standard) of your IT infrastructure.

You can rely on long-term co-operation with competent security specialists, who can provide you with recommendations for action, customised for your company -around the clock- 18 hours a day.

One price, four advantages: Emergency management - emergency handling - maintenance - consulting. We offer you continuous protection against attack methods at calculable costs.

An individual service that you can rely on even in the toughest of emergencies.

The full range of services

Can your company actually operate efficiently without an IT infrastructure? Most likely not.

As part of our mission Cyber Defense Services enable you to significantly reduce potential risks and downtime. As a matter of fact, coordinated actions are being taken on exceptional situations in IT.

Thus, possible error processes, downtimes and other economic damages can be drastically reduced to an almost insignificantly small percentage.

Our Cyber Defense Service provides four protection components:
Prognosis, evaluation, protection, recognition.

  • Defensive protection measures
  • Emergency response
  • Maintenance
  • Consulting
  • Provisioning
Our defensive protection measures consist of IT monitoring, business suite, and protection. Hence, we are not focussing on the conditions of your IT infrastructure and the existing expertise in your company solely but also grant special consideration of the economic factor.

IT monitoring is one of the most important pillars of a functioning infrastructure. Therefore, a thorough analysis is carried out to dedicate critical software and hardware solutions and design an easy-to-understand and efficient monitoring concept in your best interests.

Being essential to our concept we provide you with the design of an individual business suite offering pre-configured security solutions on site - regardless of whether we are talking about hardware firewall systems or end-user devices.

As a matter of course, we are supplying you with solutions including initiation, configuration and administration within the framework of our defensive safety measures.
This provides you with the best proactive protection against cyber attacks and malicious intrusion attempts.

As a qualified security service provider, Kalweit ITS GmbH i.G. stands by your side - even in the toughest emergencies. Not only do we initiate and design emergency response packages, we are also carry them out on your behalf. Through uninterrupted IT monitoring, you always remain informed of the current security situation - in the event of security breaches, precise recommendations for action are promptly issued as part of the emergency management.

1. With us you can not only design your security strategy and goals, but also implement them.

2. We correlate regional alerts to security information from the global threat landscape.

We offer you the fundamental prerequisites for risk management and compliance - as part of our service.

We keep your security solutions up to date.

No matter if it relates to your firewalls, proxies, VPNs, web application firewalls, content filters or similar software solutions.

We offer advise on security-related questions concerning your existing IT infrastructure - regardless of the circumstances - whether it is the latest security technologies or the immediate need for action.

Our experienced security advisors are available at any time. 18 hours a day, seven days a week. As part of the Cyber Defense Service, we do without our hourly or daily charges. Consultancy as a service.

The Cyber Defense Service also provides you with cloud, text messaging and email technologies. We design these services according to the highest security standards, implement them in your IT environment and administer them continuously.
Kalweit ITS GmbH offers you and your company - as part of our consultancy - comprehensive security-solutions. For this purpose our main objective is and shall remain profound and forthcoming cooperation with our customers. Therefore our range of services is adaptable to your requirements in order to guarantee high standard security, which still provides you with no more than you really need.
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