Penetration testing

Penetration tests are an efficient option for companies
having their IT infrastructure in accordance to current security standards.

Penetration testing

Cyber security incidents represent a real risk for your business processes. The statistics speak for themselves:

Almost 80% of all companies hold critical vulnerabilities.

Using a Whitebox penetration test, you can guarantee the protection of your company data and those of your customers. Do not wait until it is too late and take preventive measures!

"The best way to protect yourself from potential attackers is to actually know them."
Kalweit ITS GmbH offers you and your company - as part of our consultancy - comprehensive security-solutions. For this purpose our main objective is and shall remain profound and forthcoming cooperation with our customers. Therefore our range of services is adaptable to your requirements in order to guarantee high standard security, which still provides you with no more than you really need.
"Understand if your investment in defensive information security pays off!"
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Penetration tests represent an efficient way to check the security of your IT infrastructure, IT solutions or a single IT-system. During the test, we use resources that are also available to potential attackers. On this account, we simulate a cyber attack on your behalf before it can be carried out by an actual attacker.

The goal of penetration testing is the efficient penetration of information technology systems, i. e. into computer systems or networks. The potential attacker is simulated in the best possible way, thus giving the client a deep insight into possible attack scenarios. In addition, existing security vulnerabilities affecting your systems will be detected.
Primarily, penetration tests aim to increase the security standards in your company and consequently enabling you and your customers to achieve the best possible security standards. The detailed risk assessments and the identification of specific weak spots within your information technology systems is in therefore in the centre of our attention in order to provide you with a comprehensive, easy-to-understand and purposeful conclusion of the (in-)security of your systems.

We are primarily focussing on hardware-supported penetration testing.
Penetration tests offers various advantages in the matter of transparency: Providing increased security, reduced risks, dedicated possible attack vectors and improved efficiency.
A penetration test runs through six steps by default:

- Initial interview
- Conversation with all parties involved
- Conduction of the procedure
- Documentation
- Risk assessment
Presentation of the results

During the first meeting we get to know you and your company better. In the second round of our talks, we discuss the further steps which are being taken together with all involved parties. Possible bias, concerns and especially the relevance and necessity of such a revision represents another major topic.

Putting your technology, employees and physical conditions under the circumstances of our testing, possible attack vectors are dedicated and identified, working out their relevance and priority for your daily business. Blind spots upcoming in the aftermath will be explained and visualised in a detailed and understandable way - a written presentation will also be provided.

For further action recommendations are being made. In any case, however, a security concept is worked out which demonstrates proactive solutions for improving IT security. On request a final inspection is available too.
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