Red Teaming Penetrationtest

Acting as real-life attackers our professionalists
identify potential vulnerabilities before an actual malicious attack happens. The contract hackers are coming.

Red Teaming Pentest

Red Teaming is a comprehensive way to perform an IT security audit of your IT infrastructure in all relevant aspects. This kind of goal-oriented penetration test allows you to examine your organisation as a whole. We offer the perfect combination to subject your IT landscape, physical factors such as office spaces and the behaviour of your employees to a practical security check.
We do this under real-life conditions, just as an actual attacker would do.
Only a quarter of all incidents happening are detected within the first 24 hours.

Hence, it is crucial to be aware of all vulnerable spots in your company.
Kalweit ITS GmbH offers you and your company - as part of our consultancy - comprehensive security-solutions. For this purpose our main objective is and shall remain profound and forthcoming cooperation with our customers. Therefore our range of services is adaptable to your requirements in order to guarantee high standard security, which still provides you with no more than you really need.
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Red Teaming is an efficient way to check the security of your IT infrastructure, IT solutions or a single IT-system. In the process, we use resources that are also available to potential attackers. On this account, we simulate a cyber attack on your behalf before it can be carried out by an actual attacker.

Do you think your security measures withstand anything an attacker utilising extensive resources might set up these days?
To address that question an authentic and realistic scenario is crucial to determine the capabilities of your organisation's defense and response potentials - when faced with social, physical, networking and application attacks.

Conducted under the black box approach we are simulating the process of an malicious intrusion given limited or no information about the chosen targets nor the system’s entire extent similar to an attacker's level of knowledge.

We are primarily focusing on hardware-supported red teaming.
Your security measures and employees are going to experience the situation of an attack just as close to reality as possible - without any consequences remaining. Red Teaming offers various advantages in the matter of transparency:

Technique - We carry out attacks against your network structures, applications, routers, switches and much more.
People - We check how your employees react to actual hacker attacks - if and to what extent they are a source of danger (e. g. because of insufficient safety training).
Physical conditions - We check how your offices, server rooms and company buildings are secured.

Red Teaming is an attack simulation conducted by our highly qualified security consultants to achieve the following:

Identifcation of physical, hardware, software and human vulnerabilities. An more realistic understanding of risk factors within your organisation as well as  qualified support correcting those safety deficiencies.
Red Teaming runs through six steps by default:

- Initial interview
- Conversation with all parties involved
- Conduction of the procedure
- Documentation
- Risk assessment
- Presentation of the results

During the first meeting we get to know you and your company better. In the second round of our talks, we discuss the further steps which are being taken together with all involved parties. Possible bias, concerns and especially the relevance and necessity of such a revision represents another major topic.

Putting your technology, employees and physical conditions under the circumstances of our testing, possible attack vectors are dedicated and identified, working out their relevance and priority for your daily business. Blind spots upcoming in the aftermath will be explained and visualised in a detailed and understandable way - a written presentation will also be provided.

For further action recommendations are being made. In any case, however, a security concept is worked out which demonstrates proactive solutions for improving IT security. On request a final inspection is available too.
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