Security Review

Reviewing your existing infrastructure.

Security Review

Target-oriented security reviews have the primary goal of testing your existing security concepts, system settings and other security-relevant criteria of your suitability.

Security reviews are usually an ideal option when it comes to putting new IT solutions into operation for the first time.

Basic information
Security reviews are an efficient measure to check the current state of your IT in terms of safety. We provide a basic overview of your system settings, security concepts and many other aspects. In a comprehensive risk assessment you will learn how we - as an independent consultancy - assess your IT infrastructure. We actively address possible optimisations of your IT security and provide precise recommendations for action.
Added value
Insufficient conditions are ubiquitous, resulting in companies perceiving the process of digitalisation without the actual value.

"At the end of the day, IT increases our revenues by no means, and it only burdens us financially anyhow."

In respect of such opinions, it is not surprising that information security plays only a minor role among companies even today. Many internal company security procedures do not comply with current security standards or follow the principles of practicability.

A security review examines the aspects of the suitability, functionality and actuality of your security standards.
Kalweit ITS GmbH offers you and your company - as part of our consultancy - comprehensive security-solutions. For this purpose our main objective is and shall remain profound and forthcoming cooperation with our customers. Therefore our range of services is adaptable to your requirements in order to guarantee high standard security, which still provides you with no more than you really need.
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