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The history

Leaving the present behind. Expanding into the future. Kalweit ITS Consulting expanded and chose a more organised legal form - Kalweit ITS GmbH was founded.

"It all started off quite harmlessly. When I was about 12 years old I discovered the Linux world and took my first steps in Python and C. I got to know the limits of IT processes and started to identify them.
At the age of 16 I gave my first lectures on event formats such as CeBIT or re:publica. Further commissions followed, such as the design of an impulse paper for a smart and secure digital society on behalf of the Federal Office for Information Security. The former hobby, however, has now become a basis for entrepreneurial success and so today it is no longer a hobby and passion, but also a basis for existence." - Philipp Kalweit

The motivation

The middle class. Estimated at 99.6% of all companies subject to VAT in Germany.

Especially small and medium-sized businesses have only limited resources at their disposal. In the light of this situation, the company's own IT is often suffering inadequate security precautions.

As a result, IT attacks are becoming not only more complex, but also increasingly present, approximately 80% of all companies have critical vulnerabilities with about only a quarter of all incidents detected within 24 hours. A disconcerting development.

Thus, it was from particular importance that both - our comprehensive range of services - and competent knowledge, would be accessible for medium-sized businesses.
Particularly because, medium-sized companies represent a fundamental pillar of the German economy, as such their functionality has a direct and implicit influence on social and private wealth.

Due to their knowledge, many existing IT security companies are in high demand - not only nationally but also internationally. They are rarely or only insufficiently engaged in marketing, as demand is still high even without advertising measures. In turn, other companies offer security solutions which, due to the financial resources to be spent on SMEs, are not in proportionate to the need for protection. Furthermore, most of the consulting and service companies were founded between 2000 and 2006, making their business models and service offerings obsolete or not adapted to the current IT threat areas. It was therefore a personal aim of ours to form and establish new business areas, being explicitly accessible for small and medium-sized businesses. It is not only important for us to achieve security in high standards with our customers, but also to consider economic proportionality.

And let's be honest:
There’s no such thing as absolute security.
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